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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Sewing, Quilting, Shopping and Cookies - Holidays 2011

     Merry Christmas to all my friend’s and family. I hope you all have a wonderful holiday.
     Sorry I have neglected my blog since Thanksgiving.
      This is a very busy time of year for me with my on-line boutique and also my etsy boutique and this year I sold a few things on ebay.
      At Thanksgiving I cooked for my family and then babysat a few days after Thanksgiving for my three grandchildren. Always enjoy time spent with my family.
     One of my Thanksgiving traditions is shopping on black Friday. I went to Joann's for fabric and notions. Took my oldest Grandson Colin. He was very helpful guarding my cart and helping carry things. Bought a lot of cotton flannel for children’s quilts and a few notions that were on sale. My favorite bargains are two Sullivan cutting mats that measure 55" x 32" and work perfectly to form a "U" shaped work space on my large table. On sale at 60% off made them very affordable. I also bought the handiquilterruler base and a few rulers for my HQ 16 off the Internet.  
      Since Thanksgiving I have been baking goodies. Cookies (12 batches of different cookies) applesauce bread and banana bread for my family and friend’s. Next will be pies and deviled eggs for Christmas dinner at my son’s. I'm looking forward to his cooking. He's my Christmas present having been born on Christmas eve.
      I also participated in some Holiday swaps with some quilting groups I belong to. We have handmade secret Santa gifts and make holiday quilt blocks for a lottery, table runners or other holiday items for contests. Lots of fun. I found it did take a lot of time this year though.
      I sewed a few children’s aprons, holiday table runners, gingerbread table toppers and other holiday items to sell on etsy. The aprons were the best seller’s for me this year. I also made myself a Christmas table runner and finished quilting a quilt that I need to bind. I mostly made things to quilt that I could use my new HQ 16 micro handles on. I really have enjoyed using them. The cabin quilt is homespun Moda fabric with flannel backing. I will take a better picture after binding. It was the first project with the micro handles.
     Then I shopped and shopped and shopped some more for my grandchildren.
     But what would Christmas shopping be without shopping for myself? So I bought a couple nice additions to my sewing room. A new fully padded totally adjustable drafting stool to use while quilting at the Quilt frame. Also a red (only color available) cart with wheels and a drawer and one shelf to use to keep a lot of my quilting supplies on/in. It has wheels so I can just move it around my quilt frame. I put the stool together without any trouble. But I’m hoping one of my grandsons will help with the cart. I also bought and installed a wireless Sony Media player so I can instantly stream Netflix movies and see u-tube video’s on the tv. (thank you Pat Skinner for that suggestion!) A sweater, some boots and new handbag complete the shopping for spree myself.  
      So you see, I have been very busy. Between shopping, baking and working on my web stores I have sewed and quilted a few things and hope to quilt a lot on my frame in 2012.  
     Planning to attend the candlelight service at my church on Christmas eve and dinner with my son and his family on Christmas day.  
      I’m sharing a few recent pictures related to this post.
      Thanks for stopping by and letting me catch up. Hope you are all ready for the holidays.
      Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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