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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Valentine Quilt Finished

Just in time for Valentines Day I finished my valentine quilt I started a couple year's ago. I purchased this vintage style fabric at the Quilt Festival in 2010. Then I searched for a pattern similar to this one that I know existed. But couldn't find the pattern anywhere so I designed this one around my fabric and fussy cut the valentine fabric to use in the center of the blocks.   I finished the quilt top last Feb. Finally, I quilted it on my longarm machine this week and am reasonably happy with the results. Didn't use a pattern. It is completely done free hand. I did make the same design in each block. It measures 62" x 72". All cotton fabric and the batting is Fairfield 80/20. I liked this batting for this quilt top as I like the little puffy pillow effect it created in my center hearts.   
I only have one more top of my own to quilt. Guess I better start piecing some tops so I can continue quilting.
Thanks for stopping by.
Stop back soon as I'm quilting 10 charity tops and hope to add some pictures of those tops quilted soon. 
Happy Valentines Day!  


  1. You Valentine quilt turned out beautiful. Love the material.

  2. Hi Diana! Thanks so much. That was fun fabric to work with. Took me a whole year to find enough of it to make the backing.
    Thanks for stopping by. S.

  3. Cute pattern and I love the vintage-style fabric!

  4. Hi Carolyn! Thanks so much. It was the fabric I was first drawn too also. Love that vintage look. Stop back soon. S.