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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Country Cottage Quilt Finished

Good Afternoon Friend's and Family,
Hope you are all having a wonderful summer. I'm suffering from the heat and allergies as is normal for me in the summer. But staying indoors has allowed me to work more on my sewing and quilting.

Here's a quilt I just finished quilting. The pattern is named Country Cottage by Donna Haas from The Quilter magazine, January 2009.  75" x 88" size. The blocks are 10". All cotton fabric wow and other pastel fabric with Fairfield 80/20 batting. I used Superior white Omni (Poly Core) thread and Quilter's Choice (poly wrapped poly) by Golden Threads in Pistachio Pudding.  Quilted free hand with my Micro Handles and ruler. This makes for very relaxed quilting as I can sit on my stool and enjoy what I'm doing. Keeps you close to your work. Quilted with feathers, pebbles, straight lines and SID  with a border design I don't even know the name of. The green border was a result of an idea I got off of Pinterest. This was my last completed top so I'm looking at some blocks now developing an idea for my next quilt.  Thanks for visiting today! Stop back soon.

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