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Friday, December 20, 2013

Snowbirds 100% cotton flannel fabric is our sale fabric of the day. Just $4.99 a yard

Sale fabric of the day for Dec. 20 is the Snowbirds snuggle cotton flannel. We sell fabric by the yard. You may order as many yards as you need. But some fabrics do sell out fast. Just $4.99 a yard today. We can ship up to four yards of fabric in a flat rate mailer for $5.60 and it comes with tracking and insurance for free. Stock up now for your winter sewing projects. 

This flannel is especially nice in the winter to make warm comfy pajamas, nightgowns, sleep pants, bathrobes, baby blankets, baby accessories, baby quilts and for all your sewing and quilting projects. 

On a personal note. My grandma Beach inspired me to sew. She loved to sew and make quilts for her entire family. My family and my cousins and aunts and uncles all received her handmade gifts. Not just at Christmas for she made quilts and doll clothes and too many things to list all year long. At Christmas we all received a long handmade flannel nightgown. We looked forward to them. One thing she did that I personally loved was she put them in covered boxes she she would decorate with Christmas paper and they had a lid so you could put small presents in there like a treasure box. I think she was very creative and talented and I'm afraid I took her for granted. She lived only a block away from my house. So going to grandma's was a daily thing. Need a button sewed on or a hem done the refrain heard at my house was "take it to grandma".  She's been gone for many years now. But never forgotten for her quilts live on decorating my bedroom.  I'm grateful for the inspiration and love of sewing and quilting I inherited from her.      


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