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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Autumn Stars Quilt

Autumn Stars from Fons & Porter's quilting Magazine Easy Quilts  Fall 2008
Started this quilt yesterday. Purchased as a kit in late 2008. I'm no longer purchasing kits but have a couple left to sew. The fabric is by P & B textiles from the Autumn in New England Collection. I loved the picture of this quilt in the magazine. Unfortunately when it arrived the colors were not really what was depicted in the colored picture. When I first started quilting I thought the kits were great. Then as you sew them you realize that they hardly give you enough material to make the pattern. In one case from LQS they shorted me one whole piece of fabric. I hold my breathe hoping I don't make a mistake. My advice to anyone thinking of getting a kit is to go to your LQS and preview the fabric or look on-line to see more than one picture of the fabric collection. Also read the fine print. Sometimes it will state that it is similar fabric. Meaning it may not be what is pictured at all.    

This quilt is one of my favorite sizes 63" x 79".  Large enough to cover up with for a nice nap and small enough to be easily quilted on my machine. It consists of twelve 14" blocks, 2 borders and sashing between the blocks. So far I sewed the 12 block centers with the diagonal squares on the corners and the side units for several blocks. Completed six of the 14" blocks and started another. Have the majority of it all cut except the border. Enough variety to prevent boredom. Sorry the pictures are not too great.   


  1. I do like this & look forward to seeing yours when it done very nice
    Hugs Janice

  2. Thanks Janice! It's taking all my patience to keep my points sharp and everything lined up. I now have five blocks done and the green sashing on them. Hopefully tomorrow it will go a little faster. Thanks for stopping by. S.