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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Quilting Today- Baby Log Cabin Quilt

Today I'm machine quilting a small "Charming Baby Log Cabin" quilt I plan to use as a table runner. The fabric caught my eye at the quilt show.  Pattern by Afternoon Delights, threaded Pear Studio. This is a pattern I started making then decided that I really didn't like it. I purchased it as a kit so was limited as to how I could change it to my liking. I adjusted it a few inches to use as a table runner. The pattern calls for the center block to be off 12" on one side and 15" on the other. Didn't care for that look at all. I think it will be a bright cheerful table runner for spring. All the various strips of fabric provide a nice opportunity to quilt it in a variety of different designs. So far some feathers, scrolls, hearts on a vine and a center heart cathedral with looped hearts around it. I started using embroidery thread by Marathon thread last year which is polyester and I love how it shines. An embroidery needle in my machine makes the thread tension nearly perfect. I always use bottom line in the bobbin and it just melts into the backing.  Before that I spent all my time trying to make the tension perfect and re threading my machine because the thread would break. I used warm and natural batting and a yellow rose cotton back. It's 41" x 57" size.  

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