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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Quilts for Kids-Cancer Patients

Quilts for Kids-with Cancer
I have made small quilts for this charity and want to encourage all quilters to take a day out and make one of these small quilts. They are distributed to children with cancer. I have the link so you can go to the site. See the gallery of quilts donated and offer your services. I especially like this charity because they will send you the kit to make the complete quilt. You can also get the instructions and pattern at their site if you just want to use your own fabric. The small quilts are perfect for using up your scraps. You only need very basic skills to make these little quilts. Suggested size is 38" x 46" and they give you 4-6 weeks to complete their kits. Great way to practice your sewing and quilting skills. 
It is not like some charities you donate to and never hear from again. They tell you when your quilt arrives and I think they genuinely appreciate all the donations of labor. Check out their website. It's a great way to give back. It will make you grateful your children and grandchildren don't have this dreadful disease.

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