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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Pajama Game Quilt Progress

Pajama Game Quilt Progress
I have been working on a couple of the appliqued blocks for this quilt. Have finished the "Sweet" and the "Comfy" blocks. Have the templates made for two others. I use fusible webbing and then stitch all the pieces down. I also use fray check on all the edges as extra precaution.   Finished a couple of the pieced blocks and cut some of the blocks to hand embroidery.   Planning to get a box of vintage chenille bedspreads out to see if there is one I don't mind cutting up for the backing and perhaps the inside border or the block where I have to make a bathrobe. Generally I don't like to cut them up. But this seems like a worthy project to use one on. I have been working with a design board trying to work out all the colors for the rest of the blocks. Not totally committed to any specific colors yet.  Trying to get a nice flow to the top. That's about all I have been sewing. The pictures are not great but you get the idea. You can see the pattern in an earlier post.

I took a few minutes to look through some boxes of chenille bedspreads. I found a couple that would be nice as a backing. I think I will use this one pictured. It has a little rip in the very top. So it is not perfect and I can cut it up without too much remorse! Large enough to have enough for a border on the front of the quilt and a couple small matching pillows if I feel like it. But usually by the time I get to the matching pillow stage I'm sick of the whole project. Anyway this is my plan for now. Happy quilting!   

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