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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Sewing and Cleaning-Bailey's Apron

 Yesterday I took a break from quilt making to do a few chores outside. Then straightened up my sewing room and cleaned up from making the last quilt and a table runner for a challenge I made. It's always a challenge to keep my sewing room organized because it's such a small room and I'm not naturally a neat person. Oh,  I have all the plastic containers. Projects and fabric's are stored away. But then I have to find a little piece of fabric in one of the 30 or so containers and there goes my neat room.  I see a forgotten fabric or idea I stored and out it all comes for further consideration when I have time adding to the current mess.    Am I the only one that has a tendency to throw things around while working on a specific project?  Gosh I really love an organized neat sewing room. But then I can't find anything!

My grandmother comes to mind frequently when sewing and cleaning.  Her first love was always sewing and quilting. There were few things that she didn't know how to make for her home or us grandchildren. I'm reminded of the fancy pillows, doll clothes, quilts, pajama's and stuffed animals in addition to all the quilts and birthday cakes.   My mother always thought my grandma couldn't see good enough to keep her kitchen really clean in later years. But now I know the truth. It just was not a high priority for her. She just wanted to make quilts instead of cleaning. She could see well enough to do that.  It's a danger for those of us that live alone. Some things are just not as important as it once was.

After cleaning a little I took a couple hours and made this little apron for my granddaughter. It will cover her clothes up when she eats at my house. I may make a few of them to sell.  I used some valentine fabric leftover from another project and red bias tape.
Finished my Autumn leaves quilt top. It's 71' X 82" . A nice size to use and still small enough to quilt on my Memory Craft machine. Although I admit to researching a longarm machine recently. Also finished a table runner for one of the groups I belong to . (Will post pic's after the challenge is over.) Happy sewing!   


  1. Very nice runners & apron
    Hugs Janice

  2. Hi Janice,
    Thanks! Hope you are feeling better. S.

  3. Gorgeous fabric for the apron xx

  4. Hi Lesley, The fabric is that vintage designed fabric for valentines day. Forget who made it. I think it is RJR. Fun to work with. Thanks for the comments. Sharon