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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Quilts Beyond Border's - Charity Quilt

Today I made a small children's quilt for "Quilts Beyond Borders". I love this charity and they are so appreciative of all donations, not just quilts.  You can donate scraps (not smaller than 1" square), thread, fabric yardage, or batting. Their blog is full of suggestions and instructions for sending the quilts, quilt tops or other donations. You can make just a top if you don't want to make a completed quilt. 42" x 60" size.
I follow the blog and especially enjoy the pictures of the orphans that receive some of the quilts.  They hand deliver the quilts. You should read it. Very inspiring. I have included the link.
If you do not already feel blessed with your children and grandchildren, just read their blog. The donations mainly go to orphans in Ethiopia who spend their whole lives in an orphanage. That is tragic enough. But these children have aides. The quilts are the only thing that belongs to just them.  As another grandson's birthday has arrived,  I'm donating this quilt in his name.  My grandchildren have so much. I want to give back.
I used some left over fabric from another quilt. I found it yesterday when I was supposedly cleaning my sewing room. The batting was actually two pieces. I learned something new. How to fuse two pieces of batting together. The backing was also from another quilt. I didn't try to quilt it fancy. I just used a straight line design. They have to be pretty well quilted as they get a lot of hard wear. It went together quickly this way.  Tomorrow I will bind it and wash it.  I prefer to wash the quilts for kids because the basting spray is flammable. Just an extra precaution.   So I invested about a day making it and found it to be a very rewarding experience. It will never win an award. Hopefully it will make a difference. 
If you are new to quilting it's a great way to practice and your hard work will be greatly appreciated. I urge you to consider a donation to this charity. They also need long arm quilter's to donate time.    

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