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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Baby Quilts Feb. 2012

Recently I made these baby quilts so I could have some samples for my longarm quilting. Didn't have a pattern so just planned them as I went along.  Made from snuggle cotton flannel fabric and regular quilting cotton.  I used a cute baby girl panel for the pink one and added some blocks around the edges and borders. Quilted the design on the panel and added stippling in the center. With Ruler work in the blocks. The green quilt I just used some cotton baby fabric in the center and quilted center with all over small meandering. The green border I did ruler work in and the other borders with freehand designs.  They both measure 35" x 46" and perfect for infants. I used Fairfield 80/20 batting for more of a light feel with the flannel. Makes them feel like a good cuddle up blanket. Found that quilting the flannel on my HQ16 went smoothly. All free hand quilting with a ruler and ruler base. I tried several different designs and found it very enjoyable. Thanks for visiting. Happy quilting! 

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