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Monday, May 7, 2012

Sarah's Story Book - Girl's Quilt

Good Afternoon family and friends,
Just finished quilting this little girl's quilt. It measures 28 x 46". I made it from a piece of sweet fabric I got at the quilt fair in January.
It's called Sarah's Story Book by Beverlie Manson for Blue Hill Fabrics Pattern #7499. Cute little girl fabric. It sounds like a book panel. But it's actually higher quality fabric than most of those book panels and was intended to be a book.  100% cotton and I used Fairfield 80/20 batting and an all cotton backing of pink with tiny hearts. I added a little green and a pink (also hearts) border to it. I enjoyed quilting this one very much. Added some new techniques for me. Pebbles and cross hatching in the middle with fans in the corner's of the squares and pink flowers in the border.  I quilted this quilt completely with my micro handles free hand and used my small longarm ruler for the straight lines. I love quilting when I don't have to mark it.
This quilt reminded me of my niece named Sarah Beach. She's getting married soon so may-be this can be a baby quilt for her some time in the future.
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  1. Oh this is so nice it can have a home with me anytime & i don't have little ones here lol
    I am sure whoever gets it will be over the moon with it
    Hugs Janice

  2. Oh thanks Janice. I'm going to use it as a sample. I have to take some samples to the local quilt shop of my work and them they will let me leave my business cards for quilting there. Have a great day and thanks for stopping by.