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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Great Tip-How to check your fabric's color stability

I no longer wash all my fabric before I start sewing. I don't like to sew it after the sizing is all removed by washing. But I do sometimes wonder if something is going to fade onto other fabric but I'm too lazy to go to the trouble of soaking a sample in water.
This is a great tip on quickly checking the fabric that someone shared with me.
"You can check the color stability by dipping a Q-tip in warm water and
rubbing the fabric. If no color shows it is probably color fast. I check
my fabric that way. If color shows on the Q-tip, I wash for sure. so far
have had no problems if the tip didn't show color and I choose not to wash
the fabric before the quilt is finished. "
Try it the next time you are preparing your fabic.
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