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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

My New Hq 16 Micro Handles

This week I received the Micro Handles for my HQ 16 Quilting machine. I'm so happy with these. It will take some practice to achieve the experience to use them like I hope to. But I have to say they give you so much more control when doing border's and close up detailed work. They are fully adjustable with an allen wrench and come with a light and the same controls as on the regular handles. Needle up/down, speed up/speed down, stop/start with comfort grip. Also can be removed with just a twist of the handle.  
They were a bit of a challenge to put on the machine by myself. But good instructions from Handi Quilter helped.  
I used them exclusively on one of the charity quilts I just completed. I liked the front of the quilt when done. But thought the back looked a bit messy with all the micro quilting.  It was especially easy to do the 1 1/2" border. The pictures are not too good. 
I'm looking forward to quilting a couple more of the tops I have already completed now that I have the micro handles.  
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  1. Anything that helps & improves the control you have must be good, you are doing well with it anyway
    Hugs Janice