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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Quilts Beyond Borders-Charity Quilting

Wanted to share some quilting I recently did on charity quilts. This particular charity is Quilts beyond Borders. The majority of the quilts all go to orphans in Africa. This is one of my favorite charities.
They are in dire need of fabric for backings and batting if you have any odds and ends laying around they are always grateful for any you might want to donate. But I know they especially need pieces of fabric big enough for backs. If you are feeling charitable, you can contact me for more specific details.
I just randomly put pictures on that I took of some of the quilts. I recently quilted eleven quilts on my HQ16 for them. It's a good opportunity for me to advance my quilting skills on something worthwhile.  At least half were done with my micro handles quilting from the front with some new rulers and templates. I enjoyed using the rulers. Although this takes some patience. I see the advantage to pantographs but I do love the freehand quilting the most. The pictures are of backs, fronts, blocks and entire quilts.  
Thanks for visiting. Stop back soon. I will do one more post to add a couple baby quilts I made to practice on but are not charity quilts yet!   I have another top of mine to load on the frame this week and get started on. I have also been busily adding to my etsy shop this week. I have had a few sales so that always encourages me to list more things to sell.  Mostly vintage linens are selling.
The sunset picture is just for fun and was taken last Sunday night at my house in Arizona. That is one of the few things I do love about Arizona. We have lovely sunsets.
Happy Quilting!     


  1. Very nice quilts you done a great job
    Hugs Janice

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